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Did you know? That you can be a human being and a Spirit Guide for someone at the same time. Cathryn my wife became a Spirit Guide for me 3 months before we even met. When we met we were not even interested in each other, 3 months later I moved in with her 3 months later I married her, and then realised she was that Guide.

Yesterday I worked with a woman who was belittled and mentally abused by a man in a Past Life. He made her feel small and put a lot of pressure on her. She has created a link to a very rare disease that she is experiencing  in her body this life because if it, where her muscles actually shrink, (be littled by him) when he is in contact with him and increase in density when they are apart.


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It’s mind over Matter, if you don’t mind….it doesn’t Matter.

Imagination is more important than knowledge….Einstein

There are two ways to live your Life, believing that there are no miracles, or that everything is a Miracle.

I once believed in reincarnation, but that was in a Past Life

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You Are Doing Fine

Did you hear about the two psychics who met on the street? One says to the other, “You’re doing fine, how am I?”

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